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Having looked for several months for a small folding bike that would fit in our motorhome, I was very pleased to find the range of E-Go bikes. For it to work for me the bikes needed to be stored overnight in the foot wells of the drivers and passengers seats of our Fiat Ducato based Autotrail Tribute. Normally they will travel in the rear of the van when the bed isn’t in use. This is to avoid the expense, structural concerns and security issues of having an external cycle rack loaded with 35-40kg on the rear doors of the vehicle.

Glenn was extremely helpful by providing sizes and photos to enable me to confirm their Lite bike with smaller wheels was closest to my needs, so I purchased one to try it. The bike was delivered in a few days and proved it could be quickly folded to an ideal size.

So I purchased a second bike along with the extra options for both bikes such as the softer saddle, rear rack and Samsung battery to give us extended range. I was slightly concerned about just having a single gear. But this was a compromise for me, as the next bike in the range with 7 speed Shimano gears has larger 20″ wheels which make it bulkier. Actually on the road the single gear isn’t too much of an issue for the way we will use the bikes. I found it can still propel the bike with PAS off at around 15mph on a flat road. With PAS on (levels 1-5) most inclines can be negotiated with out undue effort on the rider’s part.

I’m not particularly fit (being restricted by lockdown) or a particularly regular cyclist. But as a little test I’ve cycled the bike for a 10 mile journey along country lanes with mixed up and down hills. I found I was using PAS level 5 rarely on the steepest sections. On most inclines level 4- 3 was just used as needed for the harder climbs, Level 2-1 generally sufficed when I needed it. I found I was pedalling with PAS off on level & downhill sections of the journey.

On returning home I had about 25% battery left and had covered the journey in 1:25 hours at average of 9 MPH. This will mirror what I think will be fairly typical use when I’m away with my wife in the motorhome. As we get fitter I think well need less battery and will be able to travel further if we choose, always knowing we have some energy left in the battery to coast home if needed.

I must admit I did take a few minutes to get used to the smaller wheels. But for a small bike even my 6′ 1″ frame felt fairly comfortable without having all the seat adjustment maxed out! The fat tyres and softer seats helped iron out some of the bumpier roads, so I never felt uncomfortable.

The rack and guards needed some assembly and that was very tricky on one bike. Trying to align two pieces of springy steel with the corresponding screw holes proved difficult even with two pairs of hands. I eventually cracked it by inserting a small steel rod through all the components and the hole to get it aligned first. The holding it firmly I withdrew the rod and put the screw in it’s place. I think the rack was slightly bent because the second rack was much easier to fit.

I also had a problem trying to screw in the front screws between the rack and the frame because there wasn’t space to get the allen key in ‘straight on’. I used a flexible extension driver to set the screw in ‘finger tight’. Then finished off to tighten with the allen key short end in the screw. Problems now solved I’m very pleased with the Lite bikes. They will, I’m sure, give us the option to cycle out an about for shopping and pleasure when we’re away without having bikes on the outside of the motorhome. Before I found the E-Go bikes I thought the ultra compact Brompton e-bike was the only option, but at around £3000 each that really wasn’t a viable one.

Finally In my opinion the build quality and features of these E-Go Lite bikes is excellent. Little features like the folding stand was a nice surprise too. The simplicity of single gear should make servicing less complex in future.

Mr N Walker

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