Having purchased your bike, it is an expensive assett and needs to be treated as such, if you intend to insure it, you need a lock that meets the insurers standards.

“Sold Secure” is the industry standard used by most insurers. Sold Secure are the UK’s premier testing and certification house for security products. Locks are graded from bronze to Gold, E-go offer 3 locks to protect your purchase.

folding lock

Etook Folding lock (Bronze rated)

This compact folding lock is particularly good for the Lite model, although equally usefull on the other models, however bikes valued over £1000 insurers tend to ask for Silver rated or above. 

This lock fits nicely on the crossbar where the water bottle would usually fit. It is available in three colours Red, Black and white to complement your bikes colour. 

 This great lock has the following features: 4mm steel bars, Traction resistance, Special hardened steel, Freeze spray resistant, Drill protection, 750mm length, 5 pin tumbler precision cylinders, Externally sawing resistant, Corrosion resistant, Cylinder protection.


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Etook U lock (Gold rated)

This great lock is Gold rated and offers the highest level of protection
and satisfies most insurance requirements. 

The lock comes with a clever built
in cable tie system to attach it to your bike, along with 2 keys and includes
the following features:

Traction resistance, Shackle 13x13mm, Special
hardened steel, Corrosion resistant, 5 pin tumbler precision cylinders, Square
lock protection, Anti spread protection, Double bolted locking, Externally
sawing resistant, Freeze spray resistant, Drill protection, Cylinder

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Etook Combination Chain Lock (Gold rated)

A monster of a lock, Gold rated, this beast is capable of securing 2 bikes, 1 meter of chain, with a fabric protective cover. comes with the following features.

9x9mm shackle, Traction resistance, Special hardened, Freeze spray resistant, 4 digit code, Externally sawing resistant, Corrosion resistant.

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