Lifting of Covid 19 restrictions - Back to work?

With the governments expected decision and plans for the gradual lifting of the lockdown, people are going to have to decide how to get to and from work.


A recent survey revealed that 60% of those questioned expressed a reluctance to use public transport, once restrictions are lifted, due to the fear of being infected, either on the bus, train, underground, coach, car sharing or taxi, so what is the answer? 


Well one very good solution would be cycling but nobody wants to arrive at work tired and sweaty. That’s where electric bikes can be so useful. Let one of our bikes take the strain on your commute, arrive to work safe in the knowledge that your method of travel is both green and safe from the risk of infection.


Worried about where to keep the bike? All 4 models in our range are light and fold down to a size that could sit by your desk.


Another method used by our customers is to drive their car to an out of town car park and ride to the office/factory, saving money on parking and time in traffic. The 2 smallest bikes in our range will fit in the boot of the smallest hatchback.


Want to use the bike for leisure or exercise? Perhaps you live in an area unsuitable for cycling, put your folding bike in the boot of your car and drive to somewhere safe to ride.


Bikes start at just £869 with free delivery.

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