London Evening Standard Feature

Published in the London Evening Standard 23/04/2019 

In a world where the spotlight is on Co2 emissions, congestion zones, traffic jams, pollution etc the emphasis has shifted to green solutions. E-go bike offers this to all the above.

Whether you commute, own a caravan, motor home, boat, apartment or want simply to load into the boot of your car, it’s the perfect answer.

A versatile, light, compact and stylish answer to innovative and contemporary travel.

A lightweight but strong aluminium frame capable of an impressive 100kg load capacity is the building block for the bike. One of the first things you notice about it is,  that at first glance, it doesn’t look like an electric bike, this is because the battery is cleverly concealed within the seat post.

At only 14kg and a small folded size this makes it one of the lightest compact folding electric  bikes on the market. The 250w motor (the largest legally allowed motor not requiring licensing) is powered by a 5.2 AH lithium battery, expected to have a charge cycle of around 600 times.

With the motor generating 40NM of torque, enabling you to easily ride gradients of 20 degrees and a top speed of 25kph. Think electric is cheating or lazy ? With a built in clutch, when ridden as a normal bike, there is no magnetic resistance so only use electric when required.

With three modes of travel, 5 levels of pedal assist, cruise (let the bike do all the work) or normal bike mode if you feel you need the exercise.

Available in 3 colours, gloss red, metallic gloss white and satin black, everything you need is included, disc brakes and mudguards front and rear, front light, rear light, rear rack, side stand, charger, tool kit and carry bag all for £869 inc VAT and shipping.

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