Customer Review - Ben Harris


“I recently purchased the e-go bike and instantly fell in love with the bike due to the flexibility of being able to store it easily in the back of my car, the family caravan and more importantly on my boat.  


It is extremely simple to fold using a one click, twist and turn method making it quick to put away. 


Its light weight compared with other makes of electric bikes, even my 11-year-old simply picked it up with one hand.


This bike is so flexible three out of five of my young children have ridden it to the campsite shop whist on a caravanning  holiday and it even brought a smile to my wife, whilst she rode away on the marina pontoons to reception to get an electricity code.


Suitable for everyone, light weight and easy to stow, the ride itself is smooth with no noise fantastic electric assist across roads and country parks and the battery lasts for some time with our usage before every other overnight charge.

Having ridden many electric bikes this is the most compact, lightweight and easy to stow bike I have come across to date, to suit our family’s needs. Thoroughly recommended.


B Harris – Weymouth”

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